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MEET OUR 2022  

Our debut fest is set to be epic with this lineup of stellar visual artists. Repping local, regional and national styles: these artists are bringing something for everyone to love. 

To introduce them, we've partnered with Life In Motion, a podcast by Illumine Collect, for exclusive interviews and a deeper dive into what each artist brings to the table. Dig in!




Natalie Shugailo is a midwest artist reppin the Chi-town area and a buttery style full of color.

itra icons


IT-RA is a KC based duo with Isaac Tapia and Rodrigo Alvarez bringing vibrant colors and lots of heart.

IMG_2803 - Christine Riutzel.JPG

Christine Riutzel is a 417 local artist with wild talent and big love for light effects.


EricKarbeling_BioPhoto - Eric Karbeling.

Alias: Squiggle Papi, Eric Karbeling is a Miami based visual artist with a one-of-a-kind squiggle style you need to see.


108282279_612614356126675_871578988234893851_n - Steven Teller Arts.jpg

Steven Teller is a Florida based visual artist with lush tropical vibes and an insane skillset with color and dimension.

steventeller arts

meg wagler


SGF local visual artist Meg Wagler is big on color, community and art that combines the two. 

EvanW_HS - evan wright.jpg

Rising 417 local artist Evan Wright is a self-proclaimed fish nerd and outdoor enthusiast and his art shows it.


headshot1 - alexandria hall.jpg

Alexandria Hall is an illustrator and muralist in Tennessee with roots in digital surrealism and a love of color.


IMG_7591 - Anthroe Art.jpg

Ian Robertson-Salt is a California-based muralist and tattoo artist with a knack for nature and culture.


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