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 The Overlay Way 

Founded by creatives for artists and community 
Focused on elevating the intersection of art, music & tech

Showing off and connecting our beloved Midwest home


Our mission rests in the center of the Venn Diagram intersecting art, music, technology and the sub culture richness that surrounds them all. Why? To elevate the impact of visual and performing
arts both in our SGF community and as part of an experience in the midwest region at large.

It is at the heart of our mission to leave our community better than we found it. By transforming our region into a unique, interconnected and immersive art experience for residents and guests, we invite interest, inclusion, and excitement to live, work and play in the home we love. 

Ping Pong


For Our Artists & Musicians: 

Founded by artists and creatives, Overlay is an artist-first operation. We value the work put in public art and the affect art has in our community. We are committed to paying our artists and creating a stellar fest experience from start to finish.

For Our Fest Goers:

There's alot to love about the Midwest and we're committed to showcasing all the best. Whether you're a MW native or traveling in, we're packing the Overlay fest experience with so much to watch, do, and love. Whether you're coming for the art, the music, or everything in between, creating an immersive, integrated, exciting experience for fans is a core mission.

For Our SGF Community: 

Community inclusion, engagement, partnerships, and elevation is at the foundation of our festival programming. With a footprint snaking through downtown Springfield and festival-wide opportunities for local and regional artists to participate in, we're committed to creating accessible and exciting opportunities for our community.

For Our Earth: 
We are committed to hosting an event that not only promotes sustainability, but practices it. We aim to reduce impact ecologically

by our commitment to host a clean event. We are delighted to work alongside composting, recycling, and food waste experts during our festival as well as in our merchandise and marketing efforts. 

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